Structural Welding in San Diego, CA

Are you looking for a San Diego Structural Welding Deputy Special Inspector? We’ve got you covered! We at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego are certified and experienced in this discipline through the American Welding Society and the International Code Council. With years of experience and knowledge, we are here to assist you whether it be for a commercial or residential project. You can contact us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (619)782-6128 for a free Structural Steel and Bolting consultation in San Diego California!

As a Structural Welding Deputy Special Inspector, it is important to inspect welding being performed before it starts, during the work in progress and after it is finalized. The reason why this it is so essential to inspect before welding starts is to ensure that the contractor is using the correct welding parameters, materials and procedures. It is also important to verify that the welding being installed is performed by a certified welder with the correct and applicable WPS’s, WQTR’s and PQR’s. The reason why it is also important to inspect during the work in progress is to ensure that welding is performed per approved plans and specifications such as multiple welding processes that require slag removal especially with multi-pass welds. Last but not least, it is essential to inspect after welding is finalized to ensure that welds implemented in structures do not have cracks, defects or deficiencies. These are only a few reasons why structural welding inspection is so important during the many phases of the process.

Whether you need a Deputy Special Inspector for a commercial or residential project, we are here to assist you! Need a shop welding Inspection? Need a field welding inspection? We are certified, experienced and knowledgeable in these disciplines. It is our duty to ensure that all welds are installed per approved plans and specifications with the correct lengths, sizes, locations. Prior to welding, it is also our job to verify joint preparations and joint fit ups to the applicable requirements specified in the approved plans. We ensure that once welds have been identified and accepted, a distinguishing mark or other recording method shall be placed on all applicable parts or joints.

Welds that are subject to Nondestructive Testing Examination (NDE) or Nondestructive Testing (NDT) in addition to visual welding inspection shall be done so on the basis of the approved plans and specifications. We ensure that if a project requires NDE, we as the welding deputy special inspector will confirm and notify the applicable parties who may not be aware of this requirement to schedule one at the appropriate time.

We understand that there are a variety of welding connections that are either partial joint penetrations or complete joint penetrations, fillet welds or groove welds, tubular or non tubular connections, etc. That is why it is very important to schedule us here at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego as soon as possible to verify welding is being installed correctly and efficiently per approved plans and specifications.