Structural Steel & Bolting Inspection in San Diego, CA

Are you looking for a San Diego Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspector? You’ve come to the right place! We at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego are certified and experienced in this discipline through the International Code Council. With years of experience and knowledge, we are here to help you whether it be for a commercial or residential project. You can contact us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (619)782-6128 for a free Structural Steel and Bolting consultation in San Diego California!

As a structural steel and bolting inspector, it is our responsibility in ensuring that applicable details in any set of approved plans and specifications are implemented. Whether it be for high-strength bolting of steel framing or structural steel elements of a building, we at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego will review the statement of special inspections in the approved set of plans and specifications. It is our duty to verify that the contractor, if applicable, is installing high-strength bolts per approved plans and specifications. If any material sampling or tests are required, we make it our job to verify and perform these duties. When all is said and done, we ensure that a report is submitted stating whether work was in compliance or not. This report will be submitted to the building official, contractor, and/or registered design professional.

Here at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego, it is also our duty as a Structural Steel and Bolting Deputy Special Inspector to verify that the proper materials are being installed such as steel shapes, bolts sizes, bolt grades and bolt types. These materials must be in compliance with the approved plans and specifications. These materials shall also be in an acceptable condition with no discontinuities found or a noncompliance report will have to be issued.

If material sampling is required, we got you covered! We are to verify required type, location, frequency and quantities of tests to be executed. A documented report stating that samples were identified and tested will be submitted either electronically or hand written. Samples that need to be transported to the lab safely will be our responsibility. We ensure that testing will be performed on materials as required by applicable standards and specifications.

Upon arrival to any jobsite requiring structural steel and bolting deputy inspection services, it is our responsibility to confirm correct sizes, types, and location of bolts and bolt holes with washers, and nuts for applicable connections specified on approved plans and specifications. It is also our duty to confirm that storage of bolts, nuts, and washers are protected as required per code.

Prior to installation of high strength bolts, it is our job to verify that any faying surfaces at high strength bolting connections are in compliance with applicable standards. If required to conduct bolt tension verification Observe or conduct bolt tension verification tests on required high-strength bolt assemblies with the approved method and sequence of bolt tightening.

Last but not least, when we are on site as scheduled by client, we are to confirm that column base plates that are to be installed have the correct design configuration, correct hole sizes, proper clearance for grouting and securely placed and attached in accordance with applicable specifications and plans.