Structural Masonry Inspection in San Diego, CA

Are you in need of a structural masonry deputy inspector? Look no further! We at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego are certified and experienced in this discipline through the international code council. With years of practical experience and knowledge, we are here to serve you whether it be for a commercial or residential project. Don’t hesitate in contacting us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (619)782-6128 for a free Structural Masonry Deputy Special Inspection consultation in San Diego California!

What is structural masonry and how does it work? In short, structural masonry is a construction technique in which the walls of the building perform a structural function, using CMU (concrete masonry units) set up in a way that is load bearing and not non-load bearing.The load from these walls in either condition will eventually be distributed to the foundation and ground.

The type of materials used in structural masonry can either be bricks, blocks, or stones and is typically binded by mortar. Protruding mortar fins should be removed per approved plan in order to achieve an aesthetically clean appearance and prevent excess mortar droppings in cells. 

As these materials are being set and arranged in an organized fashion per approved plans, horizontal and vertical reinforcing steel is installed simultaneously. When structural masonry walls are built with a high lift grout placement, cleanouts are constructed to ensure that there is no excess mortar droppings or debris at the bottom of masonry walls. Once our deputy special inspector verifies that the bottom of the walls has been cleared, the contractor then closes out the cleanouts prior to grout placement.

It is typical that reinforcing steel be placed in the center of cells whether they be vertical or horizontally placed. Clearance is to always be achieved with correct lap splices, spacings and bar sizes per approved plan. When slab dowels are installed at top of CMU walls, they are never to be wet set or installed after freshly placed grout has been placed as this could cause a segregation of aggregates in mix.

At Deputy Special Inspection San Diego, we strive to do our best in making representative grout samples to the best of our abilities in order to achieve what has been set in a masonry wall. Whether it be using the pinwheel technique or the block assembly technique, we ensure that your grout samples represent exactly what was placed in your structural masonry wall.

During grout placement, if deputy special inspection is required, we ensure that grout is internally consolidated at each lift where applicable. Many times, vibrators are not fully placed into cells near the bottom portion of the wall in order to achieve a proper consolidation. Improper consolidation in masonry walls can cause voids which can weaken its structural integrity. In like manner, too much internal consolidation can be detrimental to a structural masonry wall due to the fact that segregation of aggregate can occur causing an uneven distribution. We at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego are experienced and knowledgeable in helping to prevent this from happening.