ACI Field Technician Grade 1 (concrete testing & sampling) in San Diego, CA

Are you in need of an ACI Field Technician Grade 1 concrete tester? Look no further! Here at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego, we are certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) to perform these very services needed. Whether you need to verify slump and temperature of freshly mixed concrete or need 4×8 or 6×12 test cylinders, we can help provide you with these needed services! 

Verify the Compressive Strength of Your Concrete

Need to verify the compressive strength of the concrete you ordered? No problem! With our experienced technicians, we can ensure that your field cured concrete test cylinders will be made per ACI requirements to achieve the most accurate and representative sample you’ve placed and installed. Any deviation from the ACI standard can result in false strength results which can be detrimental to essentially built structures. These same samples will be left on site undisturbed for a minimum of 8 hours and shall be transported back to the laboratory within 48 hours.  We understand that the compressive strength results can be crucial to clients in need of approval analysis for specified strengths per approved plans, so it is important to us that these samples are done right the first time!

Do I Really Need to Make Concrete Test Cylinders?

There are many contractors and clients alike who are unaware of the importance of casting representative concrete test cylinders for their up and coming projects whether it be commercial or residential. Here at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego, we are here to help you verify if concrete testing or special inspection is required for your project. Don’t hesitate in contacting us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (619)782-6128 for a free consultation! 

What Is a Slump Test?

Do I need a slump test performed during the placement of concrete on my job site? The concrete slump test can help a contractor or client verify the consistency of freshly mixed concrete before it is changed into its solid like form. It can also be used to verify if a batched mixture has been properly made with allowable water being added. Many times concrete can be poorly mixed either through faulty concrete batch plant equipment or simply the addition of water being exceeded by concrete truck drivers. The test is well known and implemented internationally due to the simplicity of the equipment and procedures performed. The slump test is used to confirm consistency for different truckloads of concrete transported under on-site field conditions.

A similar test also performed and well known internationally is the flow test or spread test. This test is used on concrete that is too fluid or non-workable that can be considered as self-consolidation. This test can sometimes be used during masonry grout placements. One thing is for sure, and that is verifying a good mix has arrived on site at your project is important for not only the quality put forth into your project but the safety and well-being of those who will be occupying or inhabiting the finished product.