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Deputy Special Inspection San Diego

Deputy Special Inspection San Diego is your nearby certified deputy special inspectors for all your residential, commercial and industrial jobs or projects. If needing an in-person or over-the-phone consultation, our expert inspectors will be sure to be on time to give you a reasonable rate. Once we finish our meeting and acquire a better understanding of the bid proposal, we guarantee you receive exactly what you pay for.

It is standard that many project specifications state that a deputy special inspector is required to provide either periodic or continuous inspections, especially when something structural is being built. Why is inspection required when something built is structural you ask? The fact that a part of a building is structural means that this vital component of a building or structure is helping it to stand and not fall apart especially during earthquakes or other natural disasters. This is why it is essential to have a deputy special inspector on site to be a second set of eyes for the contractor in case there is something that is missed or not installed during the construction phase. Truth be told, some clients and contractors are willing to take shortcuts in order to make deadlines. Here at Deputy Special Inspector San Diego, we strive to ensure the contractor is doing their job per approved plans and code.

With the constant updates in the industry of building and the implementation of the latest state of the art construction designs, our team strives to remain on top of these fast pace trends by continual education and training. We recognize that all projects can be different or similar in their ways. One thing is for certain, whatever it may be, we are here to help if hired as your deputy special inspector. We look forward to giving your project the safety and quality assurance it needs. We understand that construction can be challenging, but our inspector specialists are here to assist you.

Why are you requesting a deputy special inspector for your project? Is it because your approved structural plans require a deputy special inspector? Is it because your local city inspector is requiring a deputy special inspection report? Is it because you want an experienced deputy inspector to oversee your small job or project? Or is it all of the above? What is YOUR main reason in determining to call a deputy special inspector? We at Deputy Special Inspection San Diego truly believe you have not stumbled across our page by chance. Whatever it may be, please don’t hesitate in calling us! Now is the time to choose our team to get your project finished correctly and in a timely manner! All our services exist to meet client satisfaction at reasonable rates!

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